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Introducing New Voices – a ProSTEM Editorial Series

Starting July of 2016, ProSTEM will feature the voices of bright and passionate students on various topics in STEM. The topics are chosen by the students and written by the students. The purpose of the series is to highlight these voices and to give them the platform to showcase their talents and explore the world of STEM. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes in this series!

Published Episodes:

  1. STEM – Why aren’t more women involved? by Shajia
  2. Top ten educational games for kids by Brinda
  3. The Need for STEAM by Shajia
  4. A Day in the Life of ProSTEM  by Brinda
  5. To all my fellow Netflix and Grey lovers, this is dedicated to you. by Erica
  6. So, who’s watched Master of None? by Rishi
  7. Good Things Happening by Suresh