Who we are

Members of Board

Suresh Ketha

26 years of Global Industry, Business, Management and Executive Experience with 15 years of dedication to architecture, design, implementation and managing SAP related full life cycle projects and installations. Strong commitment to growth of employment, education, technology solutions and end to end services. Strong interest in academic collaboration and pursuing next generation and innovative solutions.

Roni Bumpas

Roni is an experienced leader having served in operational excellence roles for large Fortune 100 companies. She received her Doctorate in Secondary and Higher Education-Curriculum, Instruction & Supervision from Texas A&M University. Roni lives in Fort Worth, Texas, is active in the Fort Worth Chamber and community. She is a member of Women In Action and a frequent volunteer for causes that target children and hunger.

Founding Members

Sabina Khan

Born and raised in Dallas, TX., Sabina Khan had the honor of meeting many inspiring and nurturing individuals in the form of mentors, counselors and teachers. As a result of their efforts she had the opportunity to attend MIT for her undergraduate studies, receiving a S.B. in Biology in 2010. While pursuing her degree at MIT, she worked with the MIT Educational Studies Program as a teacher and director of the DELVE program. Through the program she taught AP classes to local Boston area high school students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to take these classes. While her students went on to pursue their own unique paths, she was always struck by her students’ need for effective educational resources. She has continued her work in education since moving to Dallas, working with students in the greater DFW area. She is excited to join the ProSTEM community and to continue to provide resources, opportunities, and support to students on much greater scale.

Dallas 2016 Interns

Social Media Intern

Shajia is a rising senior in high school working as a social media intern for ProSTEM. She is interested in the message that ProSTEM is trying to get across and what they are trying to achieve. She believes it’s important that every individual around the world has the same access to basic education, and wants to be a part of the change that brings more girls into the ProSTEM fields. She wants to pursue and explore liberal arts, sociology, and theatre in college.

Social Media Intern

Brinda is rising freshmen in college, she is working as a social media intern for ProSTEM. She is interested in promoting education and wanting to see that every child has the same opportunity at receiving the education they deserve. Brinda will be pursuing economics at UT Austin and would like to continue advancing the growth of education throughout her life.

Emotional Intelligence Intern

Siri is a rising sophomore in high school working as an emotional intelligence intern for ProSTEM. She believes that education is the most important aspect of every human’s life, as it creates growth and makes them more susceptible to advancing the future. Siri wants to continue making a difference in the field of education and other social causes.

Student Success Research Intern

Erica is a rising sophomore in high school working as a student success intern for ProSTEM. She joined ProSTEM because it was a new and exciting opportunity presented to her and she is interested in what ProSTEM is trying to accomplish. In the future, Erica wants to change people’s lives for the better through medicine or child development.

Data Mining Intern

Isabella is a rising sophomore in high school working as a data mining intern for ProSTEM. Isabella joined ProSTEM because she is passionate about improving both her contribution to and knowledge of STEM’s impact on the world. She wants to find a middle ground between liberal arts and computer science. She wants to inspire change not only in the STEM community, but in politics, as well.

Student Performance Research Intern

Rishi is a rising senior in high school working as a Student Performance Research intern for ProSTEM. Having prior experience with STEM education initiatives, he believes that everyone, regardless of gender, should have equal opportunities to succeed. He plans to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering and start his own business while in college.

Data Analytics Intern

Rohit is a rising senior in high school working as a data analytics intern for ProSTEM. Rohit joined ProSTEM to diversify his interests. He wants to pursue creative writing, medicine, and business administration after high school. Rohit is the captain of his school football team, and loves to watch movies.

Emotional Intelligence Intern

Michelle is a rising sophomore in high school working as an emotional intelligence intern for ProSTEM. Michelle joined ProSTEM because she is interested in serving the community and wanting to improve the standardized testing system. She wants to help people throughout the world through education. The exact path that Michelle wants to pursue is undecided, but she is very much interested in medicine and public law enforcement. She wants to continue to be a part of organizations such as this one.

2016 Virtual Interns

Computer Science Intern

Anish is a rising senior in college working as a Computer Science intern for ProSTEM. Anish decided to join ProSTEM because he believes in ProSTEM’s goal of using education and the STEM fields to help the global population. Furthermore, ProSTEM allows him to implement the computer science skills he has learned in a tangible way that helps others. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in Computer Science/Data Analytics.

Scholarship Development Research Intern

Neha is a rising freshmen in high school working as a scholarship development research intern for ProSTEM. Neha joined ProSTEM because she saw it as a great opportunity to work in a way that she never has before. She would like to explore the different aspects of education and ensure everyone has an appropriate education. In the future, Neha would like to help others in every way she can and pursue a career in medicine.

Education Enrichment Program Intern

Nikhil is a rising junior in high school working as a education enrichment program intern for ProSTEM. Nikhil decided to join ProSTEM because he believes that this organization is capable of accomplishing great things. Once ProSTEM is at its full capacity, it will bring a lot of benefit to student and communities. Nikhil is interested in a lot of fields, but he wants to pursue a career in the medical field in the future. He also wants to help people throughout the world through organizations such as ProSTEM.

tech Intern

Jay is a rising freshmen in college working as a tech intern for ProSTEM. Jay decided to join ProSTEM because the research that they are doing in the area of student performance is really interesting to him, as he has been paying attention to what factors have correlated to student success in the past. In the future, he would like to do more research in different fields, and also explore his diverse interests in astronomy, hiking, and number theory. Jay is also an avid chess player and Boy Scout.