Top ten educational games for kids:

As a young kid, I always loved to learn but hated learning at school. One day my dad brought home the game Qwirkle, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Here’s my  favorite ones, hope you enjoy!

  1. Three Sticks

    Get it here for $35.


~A challenging yet exciting game of piecing sticks together. At the start of every turn, each player gets two sticks of same or different lengths to create a new shape using existing pieces or their own pieces on the board.

  1. Money Bags Coin Value

    Get it here for only $13.00!


~Teaching children about the value of money is good to begin at a very young age. By using this game, it will not only be easier but a much more fun way of learning.

  1. Qwirkle

    Get it here for $24.99!

~More of a strategy based game, Qwirkle requires brainstorming and deep thoughts in order to win. Though the instructions are easy, with each passing turn creates a harder and more problematic solution.

  1. Gravity Maze

    Get it here for $24.99.

~In a game of logic and creativity, the player must build a path to carry each marble towards the target. You can make each game more or less difficult because of the tower structure but it is a great game the whole family can enjoy!

  1. Blockus

    Get it here for $15.78.

~The whole point of the game is to get all of your pieces on the board, but that is easier said than done. Each piece that is the same color must be touching another piece of the same color but only by the corner. They cannot be directly next to each other but simply diagonal. You can either try to fit as many as possible or make this game increasingly difficult for your opponents by blocking their paths thus causing them to lose. Either way this game will be one that is down for the books! 15.78$

  1. Suspend

    Get it here for $14.33.

~ If you don’t have steady hands you might not be able to play this game without getting too frustrated. The point of the game is to get a piece of wire off of the hook without touching any other pieces and then adding it to the top of the pile. This will teach kids to be agile and restless while thinking creatively of which bars to touch. 16.99$

  1. Zoob

    Get it here for $23.30.


~Recommended for kids who love to build and innovate new ways to solve a problem. You can make a softball kit, a zipline, or anything you can think of to make out of the set. You can even use whatever you make after you create it. 23.30$

  1. SpaceTeam

    Get it here for $24.99.

~ Great teambuilding game for the whole family. Helps kids work with each other and begin to develop their communication skills at an early age. 24.99$

  1. Goldieblox

    Get it here for $13.91.

~A toy designed for young girls who dislike the typical princess and girly toys many girls are forced to like. Instead these toys are designed to stimulate growth and promote girls going into scientific fields. 16.85$

  1. Code Master

    Get it here for $19.99.

~This game will teach kids how to code in a fun and interesting way. If your child likes playing on the computer, they would definitely love this.


*Disclaimer: I found most of these games on Amazon but I am sure you can find this on other websites.*