A Day in the Life of ProSTEM.

Interns arrive at the office every day around 9 AM. After setting up and getting ready for the day, we start the day with a huge team building activity.IMG_4433 One day we played a game called Space Team. The goal of the game is to work together with each player to get all the pieces to fix the rocket. Although this caused a lot of arguing and frustration, it eventually created a bond between us that would make us work more efficiantley. IMG_4386Another activity that we partook in was to design a structure to keep a baby warm. The only materials they were allowed to use were pipe cleaners, straws, and printer paper. Meanwhile, another group had to create an irrigation system using the same materials in the same time alloted. This brings the group closer and creates a more productive and workable atmosphere.IMG_4381 Sometimes we brainstorm together to come up with ideas to promote our social media campaign. We had one group of children come in from an alternative school. Their school lets their kids create their schedules and doesnt contribute to the typical public school system. The kids helped us come up with ideas for our campaign. Because the walls are painted with dry board erase paint, we are able to write and think of ideas on the wall without destroying the walls. The kids really loved it. IMG_4485   IMG_4490After our brainstroming session, we start on our own specific projects. We finish up with our own projects until the end of the day. At the end of each day we have a big discussion on what each person has accomplished in the past week and what we want to have finished in the up coming week.